Travelocity AR App

Travelocity's AR Mobile App

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In late 2018, I worked with the Mobile App Marketing team at Travelocity on the development of Augmented Reality functionality for the Travelocity Mobile App. When users opened the functionality within the Travelocity app, they were prompted to scan their surroundings, drop in a 3D rendered Roaming Gnome they could then scale and rotate, and decorate with objects (like suitcases or sandcastles), weather effects (snow flurries or rainbows) and passport stamps.

My role on the project was to ensure our Brand Identity was kept consistent – that our assets were used appropriately and engaged users with our brand in a way that promoted brand awareness and consideration. I art directed the development of the Roaming Gnome from concepts and initial scans – developing his facial features, working through textures, and ensuring that his coloring was perfect. I also art directed the objects and weather effects, and weighed in as a creative direction on user flow, experience, and the overall campaign promoting the functionality.

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