Travel for Good™ 2014 Logo Design

Travel for Good™ 2014 Logo Redesign

Travelocity revamped its Travel for Good program in 2014, for which I volunteered to design the branding. Service/community are core to my beliefs, so finding a way to leverage my skills to support an initiative that impacts causes around the world has been the most powerful experience of my career.

I began the work with the goal of merging travel and “doing good” thematically. My initial concepts leaned heavily into one theme or the other: a passport-style stamp and a figure embracing a globe. At review, we loved elements of both, so I kept the emotion of the second concept, but in a uniform shape with a stamp-style outline. This concept was developed into the final work launched with the program. 

During the last two years in my position at Travelocity, I took on more responsibility for the program, and was the program head for 2018-2019. I am very proud of the strategy I designed for the program relaunch in 2019, which you can read about in detail here.


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