CBS Pit Stop Prize Photography

The Amazing Race™ Pit Stop Prize Photography

I was tasked with shooting several of the destinations featured as Pit Stop Prizes on Season 31 and upcoming Season 32 of CBS’ The Amazing Race.

The destinations were selected from a rigorous submission and vetting process, based on detailed criteria including geographic location, proximity to other prizing, and perceived value and quality of the prize.

The purpose of the photographs was to illustrate the components of the prize, and ensure that Travelocity branding was strong with with presence of The Roaming Gnome in each photograph, along with the Travelocity logo.

My responsibility for the shoot was to brief the traveling teams (photographer and assistant/account) on guidelines, shot list, itinerary, travel arrangements, and to ensure that the photos captured were narrowed down to selects, then edited to meet brand guidelines and formatted for in-show airing per CBS’ specifications.

I shot two destinations for each season, but edited all photos for Season 31. 

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