Team-De-Monium Poster Campaign

Mockup of a hanging poster for an event called TeamDeMonium

Team-de-monium Poster Campaign

Inspirus launched a hackathon event, for which I was tapped to develop an internal marketing campaign that would communicate the purpose of the event, generate interest, and deliver critical information for prospective attendees (dates, times, signups, etc.). 

Knowing that our office was outfitted in very neutral colors, I immediately planned to leverage our secondary/tertiary color palettes to create a visually disruptive poster initiative that would lean in to the vibrant, spirited, creative theme of the event. 

I identified a list of phrases that would build excitement and speak to the fun, collaborative and highly engaging environment planned for the actual event. I set these in oversized type that filled the page, which when combined with the colors chosen, made the poster campaign a little over-the-top. This generated a lot of curiosity – which was then turned to focus on the relevant details that I added in bright white to provide a stark contrast to the poster backgrounds.

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