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Graphic Design and Current Technologies

Where does the role of the designer live in the age of AI, audience research and crowdsourcing? How do we best navigate these new frontiers and modalities? How does the designer’s intuition compare to these current technologies and processes? Is there any separation?

The goal of this project was to explore the current role of the Graphic Designer in the context of current technologies (generative AI, crowdsourcing, and outsourcing) to more deeply understand our relationship with these tools and how they might influence, inform, or derail the role of the human designer.


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Gals & Gears Moto Roundup: GDVX502 Course Project

Project Overview

The purpose of this project is to develop the designer’s ability to plan, research, visualize, and execute the visual identity for an event. From concept through final pitch, the designer is responsible for proposing and refining all aspects of the event.

Event Writeup

The history of female motorcyclists dates back to the early 20th century, when Addie and Gussie Van Buren made their historic 5,500-mile ride from New York to California, breaking societal norms and setting records and precedents on the journey. Though motorcycling wasn’t a culturally-accepted women’s activity for many years, a concerted effort to grow female ridership was launched in the 1980s and is being realized today as women currently make up 19%of total motorcyclists in the United States, with an even higher percentage for Gen X and Gen Y – 22% and 26%respectively. In an era where women are increasingly breaking free of gender norms – demanding equal pay, equal treatment, taking leadership roles in government and other traditionally male-dominated arenas – and blazing their own trails, the time is ripe for the explosive growth of the women’s motorcycle community and the culture of empowerment, independence, adventure and sisterhood it promotes.

Along the lines of other major American female motorcyclist conferences (Wild Gypsy Tour, WIMA Expo, etc.), this conference aims to bring together women in motorcycling to foster the growth of the community in Texas and the southern US. The conference setting is designed to feel distinctly “un-conference-like” – and more like a weekend camping trip than a traditional conference setting. To grow the tradition of women in motorcycling and building the community in mind, the conference content will be focused on elevating ridership at every ski level and developing knowledge about the sport and industry, through the lens of relevance to female and female-identifying riders, all in a setting that is conducive to community and relationship. The use of a mobile app to house conference and attendee information, maps, interactive ride routes, course content and deep linking to social mediafor easy sharing supports attendees who will spend the weekend on the go.


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