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To Persuade and Inform: The Nature/Tragedy of Public School Book Bans in the State of Texas​

“…use design as a secret disguise to infiltrate whatever world you want to go into…”​

Michael Bierut

Human beings are inundated with an abundance of data on a daily basis. We look at graphs, charts, maps, nutrition guides, apps and so on with trust and confidence that the presentation of the content is trustworthy, accurate and possesses a single truth. However, as with any language, the visual language of information design can be composed, arranged and presented in a multiplicity of ways to create unique and opposing meanings.

The purpose of this investigation was to discover how data can be visually manipulated to create radically different visual narratives. Two uniquely designed experiences were created: one that is objective with the intention to inform and the other, using the same data, to persuade or manipulate the audience to a specific opinion or action.

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