House of Destiny Brand Identity and Guidelines

House of Destiny Brand Identity Guidelines

House of Destiny hired me to develop a brand identity system that addressed several things – 1) address current needs but allow for growth, 2) acknowledge the previous brand, and 3) identify a generally more modern aesthetic. 

The work for this guide fell into two streams: content/copywriting, and visual design. I created a tone of voice model for the brand and sub-brands, and leveraged my experience consulting brand guides throughout my career to organize the guide in a way that makes the brand accessible and executable. From those two pieces I was able to craft all the copy within this guide (with two exceptions). Simultaneously, I identified a typography hierarchy that leveraged a previous brand font, and proposed colors to fill gaps and modernize the previous palette. 

Once approved, I laid out the copy and content based on the above, and leveraged the new visual guidelines to create a piece of work that serves as a physical demonstration of how to execute the guidelines within.

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