Go & Smell the Roses™ Campaign Landing Page Design

Go & Smell the Roses™ Landing Page Design

Image of the Go and Smell the Roses Campaign Landing Page shown in a browser on a laptop computer.

During the transitional period of Travelocity’s acquisition by Expedia, resources were simply not allocated to teams or projects that weren’t transactional in nature. This presented a major challenge for the brand, since we had a need for an engaging brand microsite that could serve as the hub for our GASTR campaign.

I was tasked with the wireframing and visual creative of this page, which would be built out by a colleague on the UX team. We worked in parallel to ensure that my designs could be built, and that his development work aligned with the overall creative strategy I’d outlined.

For this work, I leveraged our library of assets and my knowledge of user behavior to select a core image to pair with parallax to simulate an immersive, pseudo-3D experience – the scroll work literally drew the user into the image and sucked them into the brand. Additionally, I developed the messaging hierarchy and flow, mocked up all of the page designs and elements, and developed the UITK.

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