Ginger’s Treats Logo Work

Ginger’s Treats Logo Design and Branding Work

Illustrated Logo for Ginger's Treats Dog Treats, tagline: They're Barkin' Delicious!

Katie Metz hired me to design a logo for her new business – an organic, preservative and additive-free line of dog treats she originally developed for her adopted pit bull mix, Ginger. 

It was important to Katie that Ginger be a core part of her brand, and had specific stylistic ideas about the logo. Knowing that Katie wanted an illustrated Ginger as the focus of the logo, I began with a photo of Ginger and worked through several rounds of color passes, vector conversions and digital painting in order to land at the first iteration of the art. From that illustration, I tweaked lines to get Ginger’s “smile” just right, worked through color variations and typefaces in order to land on a final logo that Katie, Ginger and I loved. 

Ginger has since crossed the Rainbow Bridge and Katie eventually sold her business, but the logo and branding I developed for Ginger’s Treats lived on her website, on her packaging and marketing materials, including emails, social media and print advertising.

Image of packages of Ginger's Treats Dog Treats.
Image of a package of Oatmeal Crisp flavored Ginger's Treats Dog Treats
Image of a package of Pumpkin Snackers flavored Ginger's Treats Dog Treats
Photo of a mixed-breed dog named Ginger, mascot of Ginger's Treats Dog Treats
Photo of a mixed-breed dog named Ginger in front of packages of Ginger's Treats Dog Treats


Hello! I'm Amelia Leicht (that's me in the hat!), a human-centered designer and design educator based in Dallas, Texas. I hold an MFA in Graphic Design and Visual Experience from SCAD and have extensive experience in multiple design disciplines, design strategy, and design thinking. I am known for my commitment to research-driven design, for my ability to communicate across channels and mediums, and for my ability to solve real problems for real people.

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