Online and Email Merchandising Banners

Travelocity Email and Online Advertising Campaigns

From 2013-2014, I worked on design for campaigns from Travelocity’s Merchandising team. The ad sets appeared online on the Travelocity website, on social media, in digital media placements, and in email marketing.

Key merchandising campaigns spanned holidays such as Labor Day and New Year’s Eve, key travel periods like summer travel and weekend trips, as well as special initiatives in partnerships with various properties and destinations who entered into media agreements through the Media Solutions team.

Depending on the nature, time frame, scope, and anticipated impression rate of each campaign, the objectives changed, but usually communicated: key information, call to action, discount or promotion, destination/property featured, and included imagery that was selected and edited to suit Travelocity’s merchandising creative guidelines as well as make an impact among the other advertising in the market.

Seen here are selections from several of the campaigns I worked on.

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