Customer First Guarantee™ Logo Design

Travelocity® Customer First Guarantee™ Logo Work

From 2015-2017, the Customer First Guarantee was Travelocity’s core differentiated product. In order to successfully market the guarantee, a suite of sub-branding was required: it needed to fit within the existing Travelocity visual identity, leverage existing assets, successfully integrate the Travelocity logo but also stand alone without it, and function in a variety of executions, scales, sizes and settings.

Several concepts were explored, but three were selected for further development. The final selected logo won for its simplicity, straightforward communication of the product, and its ability to suit a wide variety of scenarios. It currently exists on the Travelocity homepage ( and on the Guarantee landing page (.com/guarantee). At launch, the logo appeared in television advertising, onsite and offsite in banner ads, in email, and across social media channels.