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Gals & Gears Moto Roundup: GDVX502 Course Project

House of Destiny Brand Identity and Guidelines

House of Destiny Brand Identity Guidelines

House of Destiny hired me to develop a brand identity system that addressed several things – 1) address current needs but allow for growth, 2) acknowledge the previous brand, and 3) identify a generally more modern aesthetic. 

The work for this guide fell into two streams: content/copywriting, and visual design. I created a tone of voice model for the brand and sub-brands, and leveraged my experience consulting brand guides throughout my career to organize the guide in a way that makes the brand accessible and executable. From those two pieces I was able to craft all the copy within this guide (with two exceptions). Simultaneously, I identified a typography hierarchy that leveraged a previous brand font, and proposed colors to fill gaps and modernize the previous palette. 

Once approved, I laid out the copy and content based on the above, and leveraged the new visual guidelines to create a piece of work that serves as a physical demonstration of how to execute the guidelines within.

Ginger’s Treats Logo Work

Ginger’s Treats Logo Design and Branding Work

Illustrated Logo for Ginger's Treats Dog Treats, tagline: They're Barkin' Delicious!

Katie Metz hired me to design a logo for her new business – an organic, preservative and additive-free line of dog treats she originally developed for her adopted pit bull mix, Ginger. 

It was important to Katie that Ginger be a core part of her brand, and had specific stylistic ideas about the logo. Knowing that Katie wanted an illustrated Ginger as the focus of the logo, I began with a photo of Ginger and worked through several rounds of color passes, vector conversions and digital painting in order to land at the first iteration of the art. From that illustration, I tweaked lines to get Ginger’s “smile” just right, worked through color variations and typefaces in order to land on a final logo that Katie, Ginger and I loved. 

Ginger has since crossed the Rainbow Bridge and Katie eventually sold her business, but the logo and branding I developed for Ginger’s Treats lived on her website, on her packaging and marketing materials, including emails, social media and print advertising.

Image of packages of Ginger's Treats Dog Treats.
Image of a package of Oatmeal Crisp flavored Ginger's Treats Dog Treats
Image of a package of Pumpkin Snackers flavored Ginger's Treats Dog Treats
Photo of a mixed-breed dog named Ginger, mascot of Ginger's Treats Dog Treats
Photo of a mixed-breed dog named Ginger in front of packages of Ginger's Treats Dog Treats

Cash Will Trash Your Culture Infographic

Cash Will Trash Your Culture Infographic

Screen Shot 2019-05-03 at 8.58.50 AM
Screen Shot 2019-05-03 at 8.58.57 AM
Screen Shot 2019-05-03 at 8.59.04 AM
Screen Shot 2019-05-03 at 8.59.10 AM
F Infographic for Print pg1
F Infographic for Print pg2

The purpose of this infographic was to concisely explain the complex idea that cash-based award programs are detrimental to workplace culture and provide actionable information that HR managers could use to transition their programs away from cash awards. I worked with our strategy team to aggregate the relevant studies, articles and original research, which I then organized into a story, punctuated by supporting data. 

Once the narrative was approved, I developed the visual organization of the content. I leveraged our secondary color palette to disrupt from the sea of design work in our primary colors and illustrated original vector artwork to support the narrative and illustrate some of the more lofty ideas. I chose simple, mostly flat designs in a limited color palette in order to partner with – not distract from – the text and the narrative as a whole. 

This piece was designed for both print and for digital distribution – design and illustration – Illustrator, layout – InDesign.

FWSSR Commemorative Badges

I had the opportunity to design the commemorative badge for the Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo for several years (2011-2014) while I worked for Inspirus, LLC in Fort Worth, TX.


I worked with the client (FWSSR), the account manager and the engraver onsite at our facility to develop designs based on the criteria and requirements for that year.The general process was to meet with the client to understand any creative elements, motifs or information they’d like to include with the badge design. I’d start with sketches that I presented to the account manager, who selected a final concept. We then worked with the engraver to understand constraints around metal thickness, enamel fill properties, modeling and machine capabilities.


Once we had a mocked, workable design, we sought client feedback and eventually approval, then went into production for delivery by January of each year.

Mockup of a hanging poster for an event called TeamDeMonium

Team-De-Monium Poster Campaign

Team-de-monium Poster Campaign

poster for an event called TeamDeMonium
poster for an event called TeamDeMonium
poster for an event called TeamDeMonium
poster for an event called TeamDeMonium

Inspirus launched a hackathon event, for which I was tapped to develop an internal marketing campaign that would communicate the purpose of the event, generate interest, and deliver critical information for prospective attendees (dates, times, signups, etc.). 

Knowing that our office was outfitted in very neutral colors, I immediately planned to leverage our secondary/tertiary color palettes to create a visually disruptive poster initiative that would lean in to the vibrant, spirited, creative theme of the event. 

I identified a list of phrases that would build excitement and speak to the fun, collaborative and highly engaging environment planned for the actual event. I set these in oversized type that filled the page, which when combined with the colors chosen, made the poster campaign a little over-the-top. This generated a lot of curiosity – which was then turned to focus on the relevant details that I added in bright white to provide a stark contrast to the poster backgrounds.