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Solo Female Traveler Magazine Design

Solo Female Traveler Magazine is a fictitious publication I developed for a project in my Typographic Communication course (GDVX501) at SCAD in the Fall 2019 semester. For detailed project summary, process and development work, please view my process book here.

House of Destiny Brand Identity and Guidelines

House of Destiny Brand Identity Guidelines House of Destiny hired me to develop a brand identity system that addressed several things – 1) address current needs but allow for growth, 2) acknowledge the previous brand, and 3) identify a generally more modern aesthetic.  The work for this guide fell into two streams: content/copywriting, and visual …

Ginger’s Treats Logo Work

Ginger’s Treats Logo Design and Branding Work Katie Metz hired me to design a logo for her new business – an organic, preservative and additive-free line of dog treats she originally developed for her adopted pit bull mix, Ginger.  It was important to Katie that Ginger be a core part of her brand, and had …