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Solo Female Traveler Magazine Design

Solo Female Traveler Magazine is a fictitious publication I developed for a project in my Typographic Communication course (GDVX501) at SCAD in the Fall 2019 semester. For detailed project summary, process and development work, please view my process book here.

TYPO Berlin: Typographic poster design

TYPO Berlin Poster Project, Fall 2019 (GDVX501) Project completed in the Typographic Communication (GDVX501) Course as part of the MFA Graphic Design and Visual Experience Track at SCAD. Process Book (here) includes assignment overview, strategy, type studies, grids, color studies and final printed posters.

House of Destiny Brand Identity and Guidelines

House of Destiny Brand Identity Guidelines House of Destiny hired me to develop a brand identity system that addressed several things – 1) address current needs but allow for growth, 2) acknowledge the previous brand, and 3) identify a generally more modern aesthetic.  The work for this guide fell into two streams: content/copywriting, and visual …

Cash Will Trash Your Culture Infographic

Cash Will Trash Your Culture Infographic The purpose of this infographic was to concisely explain the complex idea that cash-based award programs are detrimental to workplace culture and provide actionable information that HR managers could use to transition their programs away from cash awards. I worked with our strategy team to aggregate the relevant studies, …

FWSSR Commemorative Badges

I had the opportunity to design the commemorative badge for the Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo for several years (2011-2014) while I worked for Inspirus, LLC in Fort Worth, TX.   I worked with the client (FWSSR), the account manager and the engraver onsite at our facility to develop designs based on the criteria and requirements …

Mockup of a hanging poster for an event called TeamDeMonium

Team-De-Monium Poster Campaign

Team-de-monium Poster Campaign Inspirus launched a hackathon event, for which I was tapped to develop an internal marketing campaign that would communicate the purpose of the event, generate interest, and deliver critical information for prospective attendees (dates, times, signups, etc.).  Knowing that our office was outfitted in very neutral colors, I immediately planned to leverage …