Amelia Leicht on the “My Creative Life” Podcast with Nancy So Miller

Awhile back, a grad school colleague and friend reached out to see if I’d be interested in discussing my creative career and path into teaching design on her podcast. 


Nancy is a gifted interviewer (and an incredible artist!), and we had a great time discussing all of the above and more. Enjoy the episode, and check out all of the other amazing guests she’s hosted!


Hello! I'm Amelia Leicht (that's me in the hat!), a human-centered designer and design educator based in Dallas, Texas. I hold an MFA in Graphic Design and Visual Experience from SCAD and have extensive experience in multiple design disciplines, design strategy, and design thinking. I am known for my commitment to research-driven design, for my ability to communicate across channels and mediums, and for my ability to solve real problems for real people.

My philosophy is simple: I want to do great work, and I want my work to do great things. I’m always looking for ways in which I can exercise my skills in collaborative settings with other cool people who, like me, are relentlessly curious and find joy in the work of design and problem-solving.