Hi, I’m Amelia.

I’m a human-centered designer and design educator based in Dallas, Texas. I hold an MFA in Graphic Design and Visual Experience from SCAD and have extensive experience across multiple design disciplines, design strategy, and design thinking. I am known for my commitment to research-driven design and for my abilities to think big and solve real problems for real people.

My philosophy is simple: I want to do great work, and I want my work to do great things. I’m always looking for ways to work with similarly-minded folks, who are relentlessly curious and have a passion for problem-solving.

If you want to know more about my recent work, you can download my current resume here.

What’s Illuminated Design?

I am consistently astounded by medieval illuminated manuscripts. The craftsmanship, use of materials, attention to detail, and elevation of the message make them works of art, but they are so much more than their aesthetics and construction.

Illuminated manuscripts served a purpose for everyone: the illustrations made the text accessible to the illiterate while inviting the literate into more profound meditation and reflection. Artists spent their lives developing and refining their unique styles, which distinguished their works within their lifetime. But that style specificity continues to serve us today: distinctions between styles are so clear and precise that we can use them to identify approximate dates and geographic origins.

Exquisite, attentive form, married with meaningful function, in an enduring artifact that continues to reveal as much to us today as the day it was completed. It sets the bar high, but I can’t think of a better vision for the work I choose to put into the world. I hope to always do the work that will shed light, prompt profound reflection, create access, and enlighten.

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