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Cash Will Trash Your Culture Infographic

Cash Will Trash Your Culture Infographic

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The purpose of this infographic was to concisely explain the complex idea that cash-based award programs are detrimental to workplace culture and provide actionable information that HR managers could use to transition their programs away from cash awards. I worked with our strategy team to aggregate the relevant studies, articles and original research, which I then organized into a story, punctuated by supporting data. 

Once the narrative was approved, I developed the visual organization of the content. I leveraged our secondary color palette to disrupt from the sea of design work in our primary colors and illustrated original vector artwork to support the narrative and illustrate some of the more lofty ideas. I chose simple, mostly flat designs in a limited color palette in order to partner with – not distract from – the text and the narrative as a whole. 

This piece was designed for both print and for digital distribution – design and illustration – Illustrator, layout – InDesign.