FWSSR Commemorative Badges

I had the opportunity to design the commemorative badge for the Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo for several years (2011-2014) while I worked for Inspirus, LLC in Fort Worth, TX.


I worked with the client (FWSSR), the account manager and the engraver onsite at our facility to develop designs based on the criteria and requirements for that year.The general process was to meet with the client to understand any creative elements, motifs or information they’d like to include with the badge design. I’d start with sketches that I presented to the account manager, who selected a final concept. We then worked with the engraver to understand constraints around metal thickness, enamel fill properties, modeling and machine capabilities.


Once we had a mocked, workable design, we sought client feedback and eventually approval, then went into production for delivery by January of each year.

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