Hello. I’m Amelia Leicht.

I'm passionate about solving design problems with a human-centered approach. With 20+ years of experience across a broad range of design disciplines, I love crafting experiences that engage and inspire.

My philosophy is simple: I want to do great work, and I want my work to do great things.

Hello. I'm Amelia Leicht.

What I Do Best

User Experience Design

Design intuitive and impactful digital experiences that prioritize user needs and enhance overall satisfaction

Web/UI Design

Create visually compelling digital interfaces that effectively communicate brand identity and enhance user engagement.

Visual Design

Develop aesthetically appealing visual assets that effectively communicate brand messages and resonate with target audiences.

Graphic Design

Utilize creative problem-solving and visual communication techniques to produce compelling and impactful designs across various mediums.

Brand Identity

Imagine and execute cohesive and memorable visual identities that authentically represent the essence of a brand.

Design Education

Employ a hands-on approach that gives UX and Visual Design students practical experience and critical thinking skills in the field.

Let’s connect and create something amazing together.